"Investors can set up strategies such as "buy this stock if the price falls below $25" and the price of its rival rises above $35. Zignals sends alerts to the users' devices - PC, cell phone, pager etc. - when triggering events occur so that the investor doesn't have to stay glued to a screen. The service also hopes to help democratize the art of investing by letting investors post their strategies and even the specific rules they used so that others can learn from them."


Zignals offers a variety of online services that are set to transform the world of financial investment by democratizing the investment services that are available to the active trader in the financial markets and by providing access to a financially-savvy online network which shares its own independently-rated investment strategies. Zignals was established in partnership with Microsoft and other investors, and has developed its services using Microsoft IP-protected technology.

RTE Business

Michael Moriarty, manager of Enterprise Ireland's innovation department, says that innovation is about positive change, about adding value to customers and improving competitiveness.

He says that an example of a good innovative company is Zignals. This is a new start-up firm that provides online investment decision support to average investors. This type of advice was previously only available to the major customers of banks and stockbrokers.

Forex Magnates

I do like the look of Zignals.com. The GUI looks slick, it’s easy to use, and pretty self-explanatory.

Member Reviews


"Very helpful! During the last three months by means of Zignals and self developed alerts I improved my trading results...recommend for everybody."


"I tried Zignals alerts system and it is good. You can select a lot of predefined alerts or create your own. Single metrics can be used for alerts. All alerts are shown on one screen with expand/collapse options, they also provided historical data on the chart. You can create very complicated alerts for one stock or for a list of stocks. Zignals also allows to create market alerts. It is easy to navigate and watch data. I like this screen."


"This site has a lot going for it. It has great tools on par with many brokerage websites. I particularly like the alerts and charts"


"Slick interface, great tools"


"One stop shop for traders and investors"


"In my opinion, whoever behind this Zignal’s team, they were have a long time focus and future vision regarding the financial Global Markets. Once a person uses Zignals then he would never settle for any other.The tools they offer give a wide professional power even to a new entrant in stock market. The tools were enhanced by the powerful colorful graphics which I never experienced in any websites. They were very straight forward and meant just Business."


"Very innovative idea, never seen anything like it. Gotta see for yourself"


"Zignals "Alerts" feature is really useful. I can customize an alert and a stock list to go along with it and receive emails or texts when the stocks in the list meet my criteria, this is useful for me since I can't watch the markets so closely all the time. "


"Great work by the team, very good design and appearance... I can't ask more - you rock."


"Zignals is an excellent "Cloud" based stock charting application...I have followed the development for some time and see the teams hard work being paid off. For those not ready to invest in thousands of dollars of software and monthly data fee's, this is an excellent and possibly better alternative, because of its accessibility and features. I have found the technical support to be helpful, offering personalized attention and advice. "


"The stock alerts manager is exceptional also, giving real time alerts on a number of criteria as they happen. I have many of these tools with my current broker; however, they are in many cases either too cumbersome to use or they just plain don't work. Kudos to Zignals"


"I have used this website for almost a year now. The people who run the site are always making it better and upgrading it. I had contacted the site about expanding some of the features and they did it! You don't find that kind of attention just anywhere. Zignals has features that I had not found anywhere... I am a huge fan of the "Alerts" feature where I can customize an alert and a stock list to go along with it and receive emails (if I choose) or texts (again, if I choose) when the stocks in the list meet my criteria, so I don't have to hang out at the website or have to check in and see that a criteria was met 5 hours ago."


"Overall this site looks and works better than most of the other professional sites I've seen and is backed up by a dedicated and friendly team. I've been using the "Stock Alerts" section for some time now and I'm still amazed at how fast it reacts to market movements. This section alone has kept me in the profit zone and I'm grateful for it."


"A great online free software with huge charting capabilities, and my favorite feature: free buy and sell signals on your mobile by SMS, just as the market close."