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Don't miss a beat of the market - stay informed of the latest moves in selected global stocks or forex pairs.

Build alerts around price breakouts, trading volume, and technical triggers. Take advantage of our free preview with the latest HTML5 alerts and integrated charts. Receive SMS, Email and In-App notifications so you are always in touch with the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

I used to get free stock alerts - why the change to premium?Back to Top

From our launch in 2007, Zignals has now become the lead site for market alerts in the world: 5,000 alerts are triggered and delivered daily, from over 90,000 actively monitored alerts. The sharp rise in alerts usage has put us at the limits of what we can offer for free. So to ensure our continued success, we have enhanced our alerts application, making it easier to use with richer functionality, and moving from Silverlight to mobile friendly HTML5. However, we didn't want to exclude users from trying the new-look Zignals out, so we have kept a core sample of stocks available for free, but have added a small monthly fee to access additional stocks.

We have received over 500 feedback comments and suggestions from our members, and we have incorporated many of these items into the latest version of Zignals. These include the return of real- time BATS prices, technical alerts, and improved the user interface with a new graphical alerts builder. And with HTML5 our alerts service is now compatible with iPad and Android tablets.

With a premium service now available, we still offer free alerts on core group of stocks. This will help get your 'feet under the table' before upgrading to our full service.

Will you be adding new exchanges?Back to Top

We will be growing new Zignals from the ground up. Zignals originally offered Australian, Indian, U.K., Canadian, Euronext and U.S. exchanges along with forex pricing. New Zignals will start with our most popular U.S., U.K. and European stocks with forex coverage. We will expand into new exchanges as demand dictates. Please send your request for new exchanges and stocks to [email protected]

How do I know if a market alert has triggered?Back to Top

When an alert is triggered you will receive an email and/or SMS depending on your alert configuration. However, there is also in-app. notification, so you can stay informed while watching the market. You can also view triggered alerts in a chart. Select the alert(s) to view from the dropdown alert menu.

If you think you should have received an SMS or Email alert and have not, please confirm it's not in your spam folder, then contact us at [email protected]

How many stocks are supported in a stocklist?Back to Top

We currently support a maximum of 50 stocks in a stocklist. A list of 50 UK, US and European stocks is provided for members to use for free.

What's the difference between an "EMA" and an "SMA"?Back to Top

The "EMA" is an Exponential Moving Average and the "SMA" is a Smooth or Simple Moving Average. The two most common moving averages in use are the 50-day SMA and 200-day SMA.

How do I set a volume alert?Back to Top

Volume alerts trigger when a given % threshold of daily average volume is broken. If you are looking for an alert which triggers on double average volume, the % threshold should be set to 200%. Average volume can be defined with an EMA or SMA. Volume alerts trigger intraday once the threshold is breached.

How do I know which market alerts are intraday and which are end-of-day?Back to Top

Certain alerts trigger only intraday, some end-of-day, and some both intraday AND end-of-day.

Alert Type Intraday End of Day
Volume Alerts Yes Yes (On Close Volume)
Price makes new high/low Yes (Live Price) Yes (On Close Price)
Price crosses Moving Average Yes (Live Price) Yes (On Close Price)
Price Gap Yes (Live Price) Yes (On Close Price
One-Day Price Gain/Loss Yes (Live Price) Yes (On Close Price
Price within a range of a Moving Average Yes (Live Price vs Prior End Of Day Moving Average) Yes (Close Price vs Current End of Day Moving Average)
Price Crosses [X] Yes (Live Price) Yes (On Close Price
How do I create more complex or conditional alerts?Back to Top

We are currently developing an engine which will support Alert Combinations and Technical Indicator Alerts

I am not receiving alerts via SMS, but do get alerts by email?Back to Top

First check to ensure your SMS allotment hasn't been used. Next check your SMS availability (available from the settings menu) is configured to allow you receive alerts at local time, corresponding to when markets are open. If you have configured your SMS availability to 'unavailable' and an alert is triggered, you won't get an SMS, although you will still get an email (assuming you are configured to receive an email).

I can't find stocks on my exchange?Back to Top

We provide stocks and ETFs (but not ETNs) from U.S. Exchanges, London and Euronext.

We will add stocks on request for premium users. Free users of our site will only have access to core list of European, UK and U.S. stocks. Send a request to [email protected] We had offered this service as part of free Zignals, but the volume of requests was very high, so we are now limiting this to paying members.

How do I add comments to a market alert?Back to Top

You can add a note/comment as part of the alert creation step. This note will be delivered as part of the email alert, but will not be part of the SMS alert

I have a new idea for a market alert?Back to Top

Send your suggestions to [email protected] We are building a resource pool of requests for alert types which may be converted into a new market alert type.

What is the "Alert Reasoning" step?Back to Top

When creating an alert, we are interested in knowing if the alert you are creating is coming from a bullish or bearish outlook. We will look to aggregate this data and eventually display it on the chart for your assistance.

Can I set a market alert for the bid or ask?Back to Top

At this time, alerts are created on current price, not bid or ask data.

Can I change the email address used for delivery?Back to Top

Yes, in the settings menu you can change the email address for delivery. Only one email address is allowed per free or Pro account, but we have Ultimate and Enterprise solutions for those looking to distribute alerts to multiple email accounts.

I want an alert at an intraday time interval?Back to Top

Our first version of new Zignals will continue with the existing End-of-Day structure for alerts. However, are planning to offer intraday time interval (1 minute and higher) alerts too in version 2.0.

What happened to the other services provided by Zignals?Back to Top

We have decided to break the site into components to make the Zignals experience easier to manage. New-look Zignals has returned to its core with Alerts and Charts, but we may look to launch new websites with some of our other applications (in mobile friendly HTML5); like Portfolio and Strategy Builder, at a later date. A new Screener is in development and will likely be the first application to integrate with alerts.

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