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Free Stock Alerts

Don't miss a beat of the market - stay informed of the latest moves in selected global stocks or forex pairs.

Build alerts around price breakouts, trading volume, and technical triggers. Take advantage of our free preview with the latest HTML5 alerts and integrated charts. Receive SMS, Email and In-App notifications so you are always in touch with the market.

How do Stock and Forex Alerts Work?

Zignals Market Alerts are fully integrated with Zignals Stock Charts, allowing you build alerts and study price action, from a single, mobile friendly application.

  1. To build your first alert, select the asset you are interested, then click "Create Alert"

  2. The asset you have selected will auto-fill in the symbol search box of the create alert dialog, but you can also select another too. In addition, premium members will be able to create an alert on watchlists. Alerts can be created on a stock or currency.

  3. The next step is to select the type of alert to use. The most frequently used stock alerts are price cross and price gap alerts. These are available in the default Popular alert category. For any given market, forex or stock alert, the rule parameters need to be set prior to saving the alert.

  4. Advanced Options allow you record whether the alert is one you would buy or sell. You can, as in previous Zignals, add tags or notes to your stock alert. A new feature, "Cycle", allows you to set whether an alert should fire once, indefinitely, or for a certain period of time.

  5. Market alerts are arranged as mini-chart tiles with 1 month of data displayed. Historic alert triggers will display on the mini-chart, and can be viewed individually on rollover of the trigger icons. Watchlist alerts are given in table form: clicking on the view icon will load a respective chart for the stock or forex currency pair. Triggered stock, market and forex alerts have an orange border highlight and can be acknowledged by selecting the tick icon

    Market alerts currently offer price, volume and moving average technical alerts.

  6. Alerts have also a concise view too. Here, triggered market alerts have an orange fill.

  7. Within the mini-chart and concise views are options to edit, delete or acknowledge a triggered market alert:

  8. Stock and Forex alerts can also be viewed by checking the appropriate alert(s) in the dropdown menu available in Charts.

  9. Switching between full chart and alerts mode can be done from the Charts/Alerts control

  10. A tabulated list of triggers for selected market alerts can also be found to the left of the alert dropdown menu in full chart mode.

  11. Premium users have available the Watchlist Manager, from the Watchlist dropdown menu. The Watchlist Manager supports creating, editing and deleting of watchlists.

  12. Give your stocklist a name. Stocks are automatically saved to the Watchlist as they are added. To delete a Watchlist or remove a stock or currency pair, simply click the [x].

  13. Market alert tags and notes can be added during alert creation or when editing an alert. Enter your tag, and hit Return to add.

  14. Saved tags can be selected from the Advanced Filter menu. Alternatively, the name of the tag can be entered in the Filter search box.

  15. Eventually, it may become necessary to upgrade your account to increase the number of allowable alerts and/or SMS per month. Upgrade is available next to the 'Create Alert' button.

  16. Zignals offers a number of membership levels depending on your alert usage. Monthly, quarterly and annual plans are available. Both credit card and Paypal payments are available.

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