About Us

Fresh Beginnings

When Zignals.com launched in 2008, it was one of the first financial websites to provide a rich interactive suite of investment tools, starting with charts and alerts. Built with Microsoft's Silverlight, Zignals enabled users create alerts, annotate charts, and share them with friends and colleagues, all from within their browser.

Through 2009 we expanded the website to include new tools. These covered areas of strategy building, screening, and portfolio management. We quickly became the No. 1 source of stock alerts on the web, as ranked by Google search. Our charts also ranked highly against some of the established names in the business, ranking in the top 10 of search results.

By the end of 2013, we had grown to over 85,000 members, surpassing our expectations. However, it had become apparent of the need to refresh the site to keep the site current with our competitors. In addition, the demands of running a free site were exceeding the benefits generated from a growing membership as SMS delivery costs rose. In terms of technology, HTML5 was growing in importance, particularly for websites serving the fast growing mobile and tablet market, so a decision was made to overhaul Zignals and rebuild it in HTML5.

With our latest release in 2015, we have taken Zignals to the next level. We have again streamlined the site back to charts and alerts, our most popular applications, and focused data around U.S., U.K., and European markets. In the future, we may look to add features, although we want to avoid overloading the site with applications members don't use or don't want. We will also review our Exchange coverage based on demand, with Canada and Australia likely to return at a later date.

Up until now Zignals has been a free site, but all the alerts and texts we have been sending to you have come at a cost to us. This growing popularity has left us at the limits as to what we can provide for free, so we are implementing a part member-subsidy for our alert costs. We have implemented three distinct subscription options, each with a defined number of email and SMS alerts a month. The free level is for new users to get a sample of our offerings. Subscriptions start at $10 (€9) and $30 (€27) a month and offer 50 SMS and 200 email alerts a month at the lowest band, or 200 SMS and 2000 email alerts a month at the higher band. We are also working on a Enterprise level of membership suited to brokerage firms catering to firm clients, and if there is an interest in this category of membership please let us know.

We are delighted to launch with our latest version of Zignals, and if you are not already a member, now is a great time to give us a spin.