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Create free stock charts for leading global stocks, forex, energy and precious metals.

Comment, save and share your charts with the financial community via Twitter or Facebook.

Get real-time prices for intraday up to 10-year charts.

Best Global Stock Charts

Chart the world with our coverage of US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia and Indian stocks in addition to forex, precious metal and energy commodities.

Compare multiple charts or quickly scan through a number of charts with our Multi-view feature.


Over 40 Technical Indicators

Apply from one of over 40 trend, momentum or volume indicators. Customize their look and colour and create individual Profiles which can be applied to different charts.

Indicators can be applied as price overlays or are available in tabs beneath the chart.

Track trading strategies, strategy signals and alerts on the one chart.


Real-time Intraday Data

Alerts can be created for individual stocks or can be applied to lists of up to 50 stocks from the US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia and India.

Stock lists can be custom created.


Annotate, Save and Share

Comment on your charts, highlight price regions or draw in support and resistance - or let our auto support/resistance and trendline tool do it for you.

Save a live chart and embed it in a blog, or use the tinyURL to post a link to Twitter or Facebook.

Share a chart via email or create a trading signal for your managed strategy and earn revenue in a share with Zignals from sales.

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