Stock Alerts

Free Stock Alerts

Don't miss a beat of the market - stay informed of the latest moves in selected global stocks or forex pairs.

Build alerts around price moves, fundamentals, analyst earnings and ratings or trading volume. Over 100 variables to choose from with FREE email delivery.

120 Price, Volume or Fundamental Alerts

Create a huge array of alert types, from simple price crossover events, to alerts which trigger when within range of a defined moving average.

Fundamental alerts can trigger when a company reports a earnings surprise or if analysts upgrade the rating of a stock

Volume alerts trigger when stocks trade larger than expected volume

Alert types

Historical Alert Testing

See how past price or volume alert triggers would have performed on your stock or stocks , 1-, 2- or 3-months after the trigger occurred; did stock prices rise or fall after previous trigger events?

View both high and low returns over the test period.

Historical alert testing

Individual Stock or Stock List Support

Alerts can be created for individual stocks or can be applied to lists of up to 50 stocks from the US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia and India.

Stock lists can be custom created.


Real-Time Intraday SMS or Email Delivery

US and European markets can avail of real-time alert triggers, but price and volume alerts will trigger intraday with specific end-of-day alerts triggered after the market close.

Never have to wait to make a decision, get your alerts via email or by SMS for fast delivery.

Email alert