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Free Stock Screener

Screening for stocks shouldn't be a chore, with active stock screening you receive a daily email of the stocks meeting the criteria of your screen and of stocks failing to make the standard set by you.
Choose from over 100 fundamental filters including analyst rating and estimates and let Zignals screen for you.

Active Stock Screening

Take the routine out of stock screening. Let Zignals automatically run your stock screen every day and send you the results by email.

By creating a Fundamental System you are kept informed of the stocks which meet the criteria of your filters and those which no longer do. Create as many Fundamental Systems as you like.

Active stock screening

Over 100 Fundamentals to Choose from.

Create and save as many screens as you like, selecting from over 100 variables covering volume, company valuation, profitability, price, margins, income, dividend, balance sheet and analyst recommendations.

Screen for US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia and Indian stocks, filter by exchange and/or by sector to find the best stocks for you.

Fundamentals menu

Forward Projections

Your screen isn't just limited to historic fundamentals, but you can also screen for estimates, including annual or quarterly sales, annual profit, EPS surprise and annual or quarterly consensus, dividend per share and buy/sell ratings.

Build your power screen to get the best of both worlds.


Cross Application Support

Unique to Zignals is the ability to us the list of stocks generated by the active stock screen as the basis for a price or volume Alert.

Alternatively, create a trading strategy using the list of stocks generated from your active stock screen; simply select the stock list carrying the name of your Fundamental System (active stock screen).

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