Portfolio Manager

Free Portfolio Manager

Simple, powerful and free. Global stock and forex support with real-time valuations. Detailed statistical and graphical performance metrics. Import your broker portfolio with CSV support.
The only multicurrency portfolio manager on the web. Our Portfolio Manager will help make you a better investor.

Improve Your Trading

Zignals Portfolio Manager does more than archive your trades. With our statistical and graphical performance metrics you can see how many winning trades you had, the sequence of winners and the return for your winners.

Track cash:equity changes and see the distribution of your holdings by sector. Drill down performance by annual to stock-by-month returns with splits for capital growth and FX returns for foreign held stocks.

Portfolio performance

Managed Strategies

Create a Portfolio where your trades can be tracked by friends or clients. Enter trades at any time of the day and have signals delivered direct to subscribers.

Set your starting capital and the amount invested per trade. Use pre-emptive signals and let the market come to you.

Earn revenue in a 50:50 share on all subscription sales for your strategy.

Managed strategy

Import your Broker Portfolio

Maybe you would like to see how your trading account performed, but your brokerage platform hasn't the tools to do this. By creating a CSV file of your broker transactions you can import all of your trades directly into the Portfolio Manager.

During the import process you can edit your transactions and add trades manually afterwards if need be.

CSV Import wizard

Multi-Currency Support

Do you like to Trade in foreign stocks? With Zignals Portfolio Manager you can track trades in stocks from across the globe.

All foreign transactions have returns measured by asset growth and FX returns.

Multi-currency support

Trading Insights and Alerts

In difficult markets every is forced to trade more actively to protect profits; by setting targets and stops you can plan to take profits or protect capital on losses.

Let the portfolio manager provide you with invaluable insight to improve your trading skills.